Morning everyone – I hope you are all well. – Year 10 virtual bubbles

For the first time this week we have created some virtual bubbles of Year 10 students for those students whose preference was to have online face to face support at this time.  This is something that we have never tried before but we thought would be really useful for those students.  Yesterday we went a step further and tried to combine an actual and a virtual bubble.  Both of these have had mixed reviews and we are working on improving this element of our provision based on the feedback that we have received from students, parents and teachers.  If your son/daughter is in a virtual bubble and has already had their session this week we would be interested to hear their feedback by replying to this email or using the chat function on teams to let the English/Maths/Science teachers know their thoughts.

Expected government announcement

You might have seen in the press that there has been some alleged leaked documentation ahead of the further guidance being released this week.  As there has been no confirmation that any of the points shared are true, I believe it is important that we simply wait for the official announcement and the guidance from the government.  We are told that we should expect this on Thursday of this week.  I will, of course, keep you updated.

Uniform and PE kits – donations for uniform rail

Many of you will have sons and daughters who have grown considerably over the lockdown period and they will, of course, continue to do so before September.  If you have school uniform and PE kit at home that no longer fit, please keep hold of it for now and, when we are able to open more widely, we would really appreciate any donations for our uniform rail.  There are many families who have already benefitted from our uniform rail and we would love to be able to support families with uniform as we approach September and a return to normal uniform.  If your son/daughter is in Year 11 and no longer needs their uniform and PE kit and would be willing to donate it, we would also love to add that to the rail.

Virtual Sports Day/Week

This week is virtual sports week, which is an inter-form and staff competition.  There are 3 challenges which students can take part in: 1 mile walk/run, 1 min speed bounce or 1 min burpees. Students can try these challenges throughout the week and submit their best times/scores to their tutor by Friday.  The results will be announced on Monday for the overall tutor group per year group, best student for each challenge and best teacher for each challenge.  Please see the flyer attached for further information.

Take care everyone.

With very best wishes,

Jo Tunnicliffe