Life at North Kesteven Academy Sixth Form

Life in the sixth form is full. You will be productive in your studies, engaged in enrichments activities, organising projects and attending events and focussed on making plans for the future. Here at NKA we want to support you in all of these endeavours and have founded our sixth form on these principles. We feel that the knowledge, skills and personal qualities that you gain from being a sixth former will set you up for the next stages in your life and the sixth form team work very hard to ensure that it is tailored to your individual needs as much as possible.

You can expect to work hard at your studies as you will be studying three or more Level 3 courses. You will have non-teaching periods that will be used for both recreational and study activities and as a sixth former you will be expected to contribute fully to the life of the school. You are young adults and as such have a responsibility to be the role models and leaders that the lower school look up to.

Sixth form is a time of growth and development, which extends to your personal lives through endeavours such as part time work, driving lessons and work based training. We will support such activities, as long as you ensure that your primary focus is your study, as that is the ultimate passport to your future.