At North Kesteven Academy we encourage high ambition in a supportive and stimulating environment. By celebrating individuals’ achievements, we enable everyone to be happy, responsible, respectful, creative and confident.


  • Our mission is to instil a passion for lifelong learning and the courage to learn from mistakes.
  • To develop Students who are ambassadors for the academy, positive role models in the community and who achieve well progressing to the best universities and jobs.



To create a curriculum that:

  • enables young people to experience a huge breadth of academic, practical and creative subjects to develop their curiosity, to spark their interests and to encourage an enquiring mind in order to amaze us and themselves.
  • links to our values of NK Cares: Community, Aspiration, Respect, Endeavour, Safe.
  • Is built around the understanding of how young people learn; forgetting helps us to remember; by embedding retrieval practice into every lesson.
  • allows all learners to experience success by taking account of their individual needs to both stretch and support to create confident young people.
  • encourages them to broaden their experience of the wider world beyond Lincoln; to explore different cultures and to provide opportunities to visit places within the UK and beyond that provide them with a means of understanding more about the opportunities that exist beyond our local area.
  • equips learners with knowledge and skills to make them competitive in the future labour market
  • links to local labour market information and employers in the local community; to give them experience of the workplace to make informed decisions about their futures and to grow an entrepreneurial mentality in which they are willing to take risks.
  • allows students to be brave and commit to achieving qualifications in subjects which are aspirational and meaningful for their preferred destinations and career aspirations.


Principles on which the curriculum is built:

  • the opportunity to develop skills over 5 to 7 years.
  • Learning time in school is maximised.
  • Challenge and support are available in every area to maximise progress and success for all learners.
  • Learning for Life opportunities with a focus on SMSC, PSHE and Careers Education, to raise aspiration, support next steps and the development of the whole person in society.
  • to support transition into secondary education in Year 7.
  • English and Maths are key components of our curriculum and develop skills that support all subject areas.
  • A breadth of subjects is important to develop people and our curriculum offer encompasses humanities, languages, arts, performing arts, technology and sports to this end.