ThiNK Care

Here at North Kesteven Academy, we understand the challenge that transition from primary school to secondary school can be for students, and it is for that reason that we constantly work to forge strong relationships with our feeder schools.  We firmly believe that the more familiar a setting, the more confident students will feel when they start secondary school, and if there are members of staff they already know, that confidence further increases.

There are many stages to our work with our feeder schools which are outlined below:

Stage 1: Students of a variety of year groups are invited in to NK for a variety of activities such as sporting activities, performances (Peter Pan and Mary Poppins gave us an excellent opportunity to invite lots of primary children in to our school).  We also hold specific Year Five days in the summer term to give Year Five students a chance to experience a day in the life of a secondary school, whilst also enriching their curriculum according to what the primary teachers have requested.

An additional part of Stage 1 is that many of our staff go out to feeder schools to teach a subject requested by primary staff.  Recent examples of this have been Space using the Virtual Reality headsets, and MFL from a subject specialist with primary experience.

Stage 2: Open Evenings and Open Mornings.  These give both parents/carers and students the opportunity to see what we do here at NK.  The open evenings give a quick snapshot of all departments, and the open mornings give a very clear, open view of NK.  Students and their parents/carers get a tour of the school including many Key Stage Three lessons to see what life is really like in the classroom.

Stage 3: All parents/carers are sent all the information they need about NK including a letter offering them a chance to come in and speak to a member of staff about their child to give us information in addition to that which we request to help us form tutor groups.  This can be in the form of a face to face meeting, a phone conversation or even just an email – we will accommodate the needs of the student and their parent/carer.  These meetings are an excellent opportunity for us to find out anything about the students that we may need to know.

Stage 4: Once students have opted to join the academy, we send members of staff out to feeder schools to visit those coming up to us in the September.  This happens in summer term for many of our students, but can be requested if there is a school that does not automatically form part of our list.

Stage 5: Induction.  Students are invited in for an induction day which gives them the opportunity to meet their form tutor and fellow tutees.  They also have some taster lessons, have a tour of the school, lunch in the restaurant and an enrichment activity of their choice.  We also run a session for parents/carers with the opportunity to put faces to names and to ask questions if they so wish.

If you wish to discuss any part of the transition process, please do not hesitate to contact Leanne Parker, Primary and Community Liaison by emailing