Daily update 25th June 2020 – Morning everyone, I hope you are all well.

We are enjoying the sunshine at school when we can and the students in school are going outside at breaks and lunchtimes.  There is sun and shade available.  If your son/daughter is in school please send them with plenty of water, some sun screen and a hat.  We can refill water bottles in the restaurant at breaks and lunchtimes if necessary when it is very hot but we are trying to limit contact wherever possible so it is preferable to bring plenty of fluids.


See below for an opportunity to take part in a project called SOfaDance led by a community dance artist called Amy O’Sullivan.  The project involves you creating your own dance movement, guided by Amy’s instructions which you film and then all the different dancers’ work will be edited together into one dance film which will be shared nationally.  

What is SOfaDance?

Focusing on the importance of spoken tasks, we are looking for participants from all levels of experience to film their ‘SOfaDance’ ideas and interpretations to help create an insightful dance film that captures participant’s individuality in this unique moment of time in lockdown. 

If you are interested contact Amy on amysofadance@gmail.com  

Take care everyone.

With very best wishes,

Jo Tunnicliffe