Daily update 26th June 2020 – I hope you are all well. I can’t believe it is already Friday again!

Year 11 Leaver’s Assembly
Mr Bains will be leading the Year 11 Leaver’s Assembly today at 12 noon on the Year 11 Team. We are looking forward to being able to share some memories with them and wishing them all the best for the future.

Art Competition
Well done to everyone who has been creative with everyday objects to produce a personal outcome. We have enjoyed seeing such diverse and innovative ideas. The chosen winner is Dominique who has used a ring to symbolise a halo within her piece of work.

The challenge this week is to design a video game character. We all have a favourite character from a video game whether we like to admit it or not! We are keen to see your designs but when it comes to character design, it is important to plan exactly what you want out of your character. This is a daunting task, so a good place to start is with your character’s general nature. We look forward to receiving your entries. Please send them through to melanie.hibbs@nkacademy.co.uk by Wednesday 1st July.

There are 3 more weeks of the Friday quiz. If you would like to join the Tuesday quiz please email Helen for joining details on helen.gordon26@outlook.com.
This week’s number is 436996. The quiz starts at 7pm at www.myquiz.org.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Take care.

With very best wishes,

Jo Tunnicliffe