Daily update – 25th March 2020

We hope you and your families are all well and staying safe.  I have been overwhelmed by the number of messages I have received with thanks and well wishes – thank you.

We had very few children or adults in the academy yesterday – thank you for keeping your children at home where this is possible to help to keep everyone safe.  The children that we have had in are settling into a new routine whilst at school and we are all practising social distancing whilst we are here.  The children have been fantastic.

For those children working at home, I appreciate that this has been a huge and rapid adjustment to make for them and for other members of your families who are also trying to do the same.  We communicated on the phone or via email yesterday to all of the families who had told us that they were experiencing difficulties with Microsoft Teams or Home Access.  We have managed to resolve all of the issues you have told us about so far.  If you are experiencing difficulties, please do contact us at enquiries@nkacademy.co.uk so that we can support with resolving the issues.

Year 11 & 13 Parents – there is no further update from the government or the exam boards at this time.  Some Year 11 parents or students have told us that they need some help with prioritising their workload, so we will be supporting with this issue today.  The easiest way for your son/daughter to let us know that they need help with prioritising is for them to use the chat facility on Microsoft Teams to send a message to me or Mr Bains.  You can, of course, contact us on the enquiries@ email address above if you wish to tell us of any issues yourselves.

As always, any questions, please ask.

With very best wishes,

Jo Tunnicliffe