November 2019 As you will all be aware, last term was very unusual, challenging and emotional.  The death of a student within our community has been devastating and we will continue to feel the effects of this tragedy for a long time to come.  Naiomi’s funeral will take place on Friday 8th November and will be attended by several members of our staff and students.  We are continuing to support both staff and students through their grieving process.

One of our house charities this year is the Lincolnshire Air Ambulance Service and our students raised £88.20 for this cause before half term as part of our charities week.  Our non-uniform day on the Friday before half term raised £780.14 for three of the charitable organisations that responded on the night and in the days that followed.

We are so grateful for all of the many kindnesses you have shown our staff and students.  The cards, letters, phone and email messages, visits, and offers of support during this sad time have meant a great deal to us.

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