Daily update – 26th March 2020 A huge thank you and well done to everyone, students, parents and staff, who are all doing so well working remotely in difficult circumstances.

We do understand the difficulties of working at home, sharing computers and tablets, trying to find a quiet space to work and trying to concentrate in what is normally a more relaxed atmosphere. Some are finding this adjustment more straightforward than others, which is completely understandable. I know that everyone is doing their best and that is all that I, or anyone, can ever ask, so thank you.

Some parents and students are reporting that they haven’t got enough work and some are reporting that there is too much and they are struggling with the deadlines. Everyone works at a different pace and some people will need more support and guidance than others – that is perfectly normal and will be different for every subject too. If you find that your son/daughter needs longer on a task, please encourage them to let the teacher know, either by chat on Microsoft Teams or via email.

I believe that sticking to a routine is important in these strange times, to give structure to a day. However, I appreciate that might need to be different in different households and I know you are all doing your best to do this. Having breaks from the screen is also important – none of us are used to using a screen for prolonged periods of time and we need rest breaks from it.

One thing that I believe we all need to try to build into our routines is some social time. I know that we need to stay at home and not mix socially in a physical way, which is very difficult for many, but children could still meet virtually with their friends via one of the many apps that allows them to do this.

I’m going to attempt to do a video update later today – so watch this space!

As always, any questions, please ask.

With very best wishes,

Jo Tunnicliffe