Daily update 10th July 2020 – Year 9 & 10 quizzes
Thank you for encouraging your son/daughter to complete the quizzes in each of their subjects this week. Today is the last day of these and work will be set as normal for next week. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the quirks of the quizzes – it was the first time we had used this facility in Teams in this way so we experienced some teething issues and have learned lots from the experience to move it forward next time. Teachers are busy analysing the information that this has generated in order to plan for September.

School Leavers 2020
The Prime Minister will be addressing school leavers today at 10am. This will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube, with a recording available afterwards.

Tonight is the final Friday quiz night. The code for this week is 460863 and the link is www.myquiz.org. After tonight’s quiz Helen will send us the final leader board and arrange to get the prize to the winners. The Tuesday quiz that they run will be continuing so, if anyone would like to join that, please email helen.gordon26@outlook.com for the details. We would like to say a huge “thank you” to Helen and Robert for organising and writing the quizzes for us over the last few months – it has been greatly appreciated by many families.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Take care.

Jo Tunnicliffe