Daily update 20th May 2020 – Thank A Teacher Day
I want to give a huge shout out to our teachers who are working so tremendously hard in school and at home. If you want to give a shout out to any of our teachers, or any of our support staff, please let me know by replying to this message. If your son/daughter has written a message or made a card please send it through directly to their teacher and/or via this email. We’d love to hear from you today!

Art Competition
Thank you for your submissions for the portraits for NHS Hero’s and front line workers. Unfortunately we can’t choose all entries as winners but we are sure that your family members and friends will appreciate your drawings during these unprecedented times. We have certainly enjoyed receiving them.

The chosen winner is Jayah in Year 10 who has produced a study of her Nanny who works as a house keeper for the NHS.

The runner up is a drawing by Grayce in Year 7 of her brother’s girlfriend who is an A & E nurse at Lincoln Hospital.

Next week’s competition will involve you getting creative with a camera lens as we are keen for you to share your lockdown experiences with us. We are looking for fun, emotional or inspiring pictures that show how you and your family, and even your pets, are getting through these strange times. You can take pictures in your home or garden or of things you can see from where you live. You could take pictures on your daily walk/exercise. Be as creative as you want to, but please also be safe. Think about how you can creatively present your photographs and submit entries to melanie.hibbs@nkacademy.co.uk by Tuesday 2nd June.

With very best wishes,

Jo Tunnicliffe