Daily update 15th May 2020 – It’s Friday again! That’s 8 weeks of lockdown that we have all got through. It’s been a challenging week for everyone. Following the announcement last Sunday evening, lockdown restrictions have been eased slightly so your routines might have changed, by necessity or by choice, this week. Coupled with the uncertainty about younger children going back to school in some year groups in primary schools, and the worry this will undoubtedly have caused for those of you with younger children, it might have been an unsettled and confusing week. Having said that they were not going to release further guidance, the Department for Education have issued further guidance for primary schools yesterday evening and we are expecting further guidance for secondary schools in the next few days. With that in mind, we are going to pause our planning until we have received this guidance. The information I sent out yesterday, with the bullet pointed information, are the principles by which we will work. We will also continue to work our way through the questions that we have written for ourselves, of which there are many!

I want to assure you that our teachers and support staff are continuing with the fantastic work to support the learning of your children and we continue to talk about how this could be developed further as new thoughts and ideas emerge from our amazing and creative staff.

It is quiz night! The code for this week is 142263 and the link is https://myquiz.org.

Any questions, please email helen.gordon26@outlook.com and the winner can email her to receive your prize.


Please continue to send us stories and pictures of what your son/daughter/families have been during. We do love reading about the exciting and creative activities you have been occupying your time with and helping each other and the community.

As always, we are here for you all if you need us, please do let us know.

Stay safe everyone.

With very best wishes,

Jo Tunnicliffe