January 2017

Here we are at 2017 and a Happy New Year to all our students and parents. New Year gives us an opportunity to change something that will be better for us, a change that, we hope, will make us better than the person we were yesterday. So, with that thought in mind I’d like you all to engage with us on the launch of our new Respect for Learning strategy. In the short period that I have been Head Teacher I have been struck by the excellence of the teaching staff at North Kesteven. Their ideas, energy and total dedication to their students, helping them be the best that they can be, is inspirational. They, and I, equally are inspired by those who begin their educational journey with us, grow into confident young people ready to encounter the wider world. Part of this educational journey is working as a team. So, a clear, concise strategy has been implemented to have us all working together towards our common goals.

We ask of ourselves, as staff, and you as students to be determined and committed to your own desire to be the best that you can be. Education is a major asset to life. Together, as a team, we will achieve great success.

Neil Wilkinson-McKie.
Head Teacher.