Daily update 8th July 2020 – Planning for September

The senior leadership team had a lengthy meeting yesterday to discuss plans for September.  I was also able to meet with the local Public Health team to ask them questions.  We will carry out the initial risk assessment today and start to write down the plans.  This process will take a few days and we will send it out to staff, parents and students as soon as possible.

Transport for September

Apologies if my message yesterday has caused questions and confusion.  In the meeting I had on Monday the representative for the transport team said that we should encourage parents to put in their requests for transport as they had received far fewer than normal.  We have asked for clarification about whether this is just for new requests or whether every parent needs to confirm their transport needs.  In normal circumstances the previous year’s transport would automatically be carried forward, so we have asked the transport team if this is still the case for this year.  I will clarify this as soon as I can.

School Leavers 2020

In the DFE update yesterday we received the following message:

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson to address all school leavers

On Friday 10 July at 10am, the Prime Minister will be giving an address to all school leavers which will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.

Please encourage your final year students to tune in!

A recording of the address will be available to view on both platforms.”

Remote Learning

Everyone has done incredibly well in difficult circumstances over the past 4 months.  We are on the home stretch into the summer break.  Thank you to parents who are supporting their sons and daughters to maintain routines at home that support their learning as well as their physical and mental health.  Well done – I know that has not always been easy.

Take care everyone.

With very best wishes,

Jo Tunnicliffe