Daily update 19th June 2020 – Year 11
Today would have been Leaver’s Day and Prom for Year 11 and I know the students and parents of Year 11 will be feeling a little sad today that those milestone events won’t be taking place as they usually would this year. We appreciate that has been a very strange experience for us all but I feel particularly for these students and those in Year 13 who will feel they have missed out on such experiences. We are going to do an online leavers event next Friday – more details from Mr Bains shortly. We have also provisionally rebooked the prom for October, although we will have to wait on the government guidance nearer the time to confirm whether large gatherings such as this will be able to take place at that point. On the last day that Year 11 were in school I spoke to them and made them a promise that we would give them an opportunity to be together and have a leaver’s event and prom when we were allowed to do so and I intend to keep that promise to them. Class of 2020 will go down in the history books – we are still here for you, let us know if you need us.

Art Competition
Thank you for the overwhelming amount of entries of Covid 19 monsters for the weekly Art competition. We have enjoyed seeing how you have creatively interpreted the pandemic as an illustration. We have chosen Leah’s design for the winning entry. She has drawn bat wings that resemble lungs: the holes in the wings show the damage to the lungs or that we are slowly beating the virus depending on how you interpret it. Congratulations, this is a fascinating interpretation of the virus.

The challenge for next week is to use a random, everyday household item to create an interesting, imaginative drawing. Please see some examples below for inspiration and have fun getting creative. Please submit entries to Ms Hibbs @ melanie.hibbs@nkacademy.co.uk by Thursday 25th June 2020.

It’s Friday so that means quiz night! Tonight’s quiz will start at 7pm and the code is 433262. The link to the quiz is www.myquiz.org. If you have any questions please email helen.gordon26@outlook.com.


Please continue to let us know what your son/daughter/families have been doing and send us a picture if they will let you!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and take care.

With very best wishes,

Jo Tunnicliffe