Summary of course content:

A Level: You will learn to perform, compose and appreciate different types of music, developing critical and creative thinking, cultural, aesthetic and emotional awareness, and the ability to make music individually and as part of a group. Music has a straightforward structure with three engaging components, assessed through practical performances, compositions and one externally examined paper. The key content of musical elements, contents and language are taught through the areas of study and set works to show real examples of how these are used within different types of music

BTEC: This is a very practical and hands-on course and as such you need to be organised, self-motivated, meet deadlines, and be good at independent working. All instruments and voices are welcome. The course gives you a real insight into all aspects of Music. Taught by teachers who have a wealth of performance and composition experience you will embark upon a personalised journey as you develop your skills as a musician. Everyone taking this qualification will study three mandatory units, covering the following content areas:

  • Ensemble Music Performance (Externally assessed)
  • Practical Music Theory and Harmony (Internally assessed)
  • Professional Practice in the Music Industry (Externally assessed)

You can then choose one optional unit. All optional units are internally assessed. They cover content areas such as:

  • Composing Music
  • Music Promotion
  • Music Performance Session Styles
  • Solo Performance
  • Music Software Skills.


Progression and Career routes:

Students doing Music tend to progress onto Higher Education or follow a more personalised career path in Music. It may set you up for a career in the music industry (e.g. performing, teaching, radio, TV, journalism, tourism, leisure and entertainment, music therapy, retail, music production, publishing and arts administration. It’s an excellent subject to develop life skills vital to any career such as team work, communication, time management, organisation and self-confidence


How to access this course:

A Level: Grade 5 at GCSE or equivalent music experience. Grade 6 practical ability is required for the performance coursework but working towards grade 5 at the start of the course will be allowed. Grade 5 theory is also desirable but can be started on the course

BTEC: Grade 5 at GCSE or merit at level 2 BTEC or equivalent music experience


Course Information

    • A Level, BTEC
    • Mr J Smith
    • A Level: 40% BTEC: 50%
    • A Level: 60% BTEC: 50%