Summary of course content:

A Level: This is both an academic and practical approach to both drama and theatre. Over the two years, you can expect to study a variety of plays and practitioners, leading to an understanding of how plays can be interpreted for performance. There is also a large performance element where you are taught the art of devising theatre for performance and approaching a role as both actor and director.

BTEC: This course offers a vocational approach to developing your knowledge of drama/musical theatre theory and practical performance skills. You will gain understanding of the work of influential practitioners through analysis and performance of plays and devised work. You will develop your performance skills in a variety of theatrical styles. Practical assessments will be completed as public performances.


Progression and Career routes:

All of the courses that we offer are suitable for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the performing arts business, which incidentally is the third largest industry in this country, that is a given. We are highly trained specialists offering teaching and training that is second to none in the county and is often of a university standard.

However for those of you who are still undecided about your future, or are thinking, ‘I don’t want to be an actor, singer, dancer etc.’ taking a drama course will still benefit you because of the wealth of skills that you will learn from the experiences that you have with us. Many of the jobs that will exist in the next twenty years do not even exist yet as the rate of technological development moves apace every day. These employers will be looking for creatively minded problem-solvers who are confident and able to adapt in the face of change.

How to access this course:

A Level: Grade 5 at GCSE or merit at level 2 BTEC or equivalent drama experience.

BTEC: Grade 4 at GCSE or merit at level 2 BTEC or equivalent drama experience.

Course Information

    • A Level, BTEC
    • Miss R Yarsley
    • A Level: 60% BTEC: 25%
    • A Level: 40% BTEC: 75%