Summary of course content:

A Level: This course develops your practical skills and your understanding of dance theory. We favour a practical approach to theory lessons with you learning repertoire from professional works and exploring set choreographers’ processes creatively, to develop your understanding of the set works and areas of study. The main style studied during the course is contemporary. You will develop your technique and performance skills in this style and must perform a solo and quartet. You will also learn the process and craft of choreography: producing your own group piece.

BTEC: This course offers a vocational approach to developing your knowledge of dance theory and practical performance skills. You will gain understanding of the work of influential practitioners through analysis and performance of repertoire. You will develop your technique and expressive skills in both contemporary and street dance through group performances. Practical assessments will be completed as public performances.

Progression and Career routes:

The course would lead into higher education opportunities, such as studying Dance or Performing Arts. It could also lead to careers in performing, choreography, production design, theatre management, teaching, community dance or dance therapy. It’s a brilliant subject to develop life skills vital to any career such as team work, communication, time management, organisation and self confidence.

How to access this course:

A Level: Grade 5 at GCSE or merit at level 2 BTEC or equivalent dance experience.

BTEC: Grade 4 at GCSE or merit at level 2 BTEC or equivalent dance experience.

Course Information

        • A Level, BTEC Performing Arts
        • Mrs A Lloyd
        • A Level: 50% BTEC: 25%
        • A Level 50% BTEC: 75%