At North Kesteven Academy, we expect all students to strive to follow the following core values:


Consider your responsibilities as a member of the North Kesteven Academy community and the wider community that surrounds us.  Take opportunities to represent your House and the Academy via Student Voice, competitions and fund-raising events.


Aim to achieve your best in all aspects of academy life, taking calculated risks and seeing mistakes as opportunities to improve.  Seek and act on advice regarding your next steps, including: choosing CGSE and A-Level courses, undertaking work experience, deciding on your future destinations.


Follow the rules in all aspects of academy life, ensuring that you are respectful of people and property; showing kindness and consideration and being polite in your dealings with all members of the academy and wider community.


Challenge yourself to work hard and allow those around you to do the same.  Complete all work set, both in and outside of the classroom, aiming to impress your teachers, your peers and yourself with what you are capable of achieving.  Apply the same ethos to your extra-curricular and community activities.


Keep yourself and those around you safe by avoiding risky behaviours.  Listen and take on board advice regarding keeping yourself safe and report any concerns that you may have regarding someone else’s safety and well-being.