Sharing design and technology skills

Staff here at NK Academy were pleased to welcome teachers from three of our primary feeder schools on Wednesday (10th January) for a design and technology training session.

The aim of the session was to further develop the teachers’ skills in Design and Technology and give them tips on ways they can introduce it even more effectively to their primary pupils.

Phil Smith, Head of Technology at NK Academy, led the session which offered not only ideas and information on levers and motion, but also showed the teachers the amazing facilities the Academy has to offer. Visiting staff got to see the laser cutting machine and many other design resources which the Academy is planning to use in conjunction with the primary teachers and their pupils in the near future.

NK Academy trialled a similar session last year and we hope to run a further session later this year on electronics and conductivity.

“We don’t do this kind of thing as often as we’d like so it’s great to come and speak to Phil,” said Estelle Ranshaw.

“Without specialist training in these kinds of subjects it’s hard to introduce this to our pupils. To be able to use the resources here is great, as is finding out how it works.

“We’ve been given the information to take back to our schools and I’m looking forward to developing this in the classroom.”

Thank you to those staff who attended and we look forward to more work with our feeder schools in the future.