Summary of course content:

The A level consists of two components each worth 50% of the overall grade:

Component one – Philosophy of religion and Ethics including:

  • Arguments for the existence of God
  • Evil and suffering
  • Religious experience, miracles conversion etc
  • Self and life after death.
  • Ethical theories – different ethical systems and application to dilemmas
  • Issues of human and animal life and death
  • Free will and moral responsibility
  • Conscience – do we have one? Where does it come from?

Component two – Religious dialogues – considering the evolution of discussion including;

  • Sources of wisdom and authority – where do they get their ideas?
  • Good conduct and key moral principles
  • Expression of religious identity
  • Religion, gender and sexuality
  • Religion and science


Progression and Career routes:

This course could lead to many different degrees and career paths needing analytical or interpersonal skills. The course particularly meets needs in broadcasting, journalism, law, publishing, medicine, the care industry and teaching. In recent years there has also been an increase in demand for philosophy and ethics students to fill roles in business and consultancy as well as filling places on NHS and other ethics boards within private firms.


How to access this course:

Exams are essay based and so Ideally a grade 5 in GCSE REP or Sociology but a Grade 5 in English/ English Literature will also be accepted


Course Information

    • A Level
    • Mr C Robinson, Mrs S Allen
    • 100%
    • 0%


    Social Science