North Kesteven Hosts Medical and Healthcare Conference – 29th June


A Journey to Medicine and Healthcare

Mr Neil Wilkinson-McKie, Headteacher at North Kesteven School says, “It has been our privilege to be working closely with our two Medical Schools partners and the Medical Schools Council to create and stage this fantastic event. For our students, their teacher and our parents it is an amazing opportunity to put together, host, provide face to face advice, guidance and support for students to enter the world of Medicine. Not only does it encourage our outstanding students to aim high it also ensures that we have first hand access and support from these universities who have been superb in their support of our students – I cannot thank them enough! Being the chosen partner and the fact that this is the only school based conference of its type in England demonstrates the dynamism at work here at North Kesteven School and through our innovation we are able to support other students in other settings too.”

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