NK Primary Transition Tips

Leaving your primary school and starting at NK may seem scary but here are our top tips on how to make the transition as easy as possible for you (and hopefully settle your nerves!).

Be prepared

Entering secondary school means you’ll be given greater independence and responsibility – so preparation is key!

Whichever way you’ll be getting to and from NK, make sure to familiarise yourself with the route. It’s essential to arrive at school on time, not only to abide by our rules, but to ensure the best start to your day.

Your lessons will be spread out across the school, so getting to know your way around will be essential; but don’t worry, you’ll be given a map when you arrive. If you do happen to get lost, any member of staff will be happy to point you in the right direction. Don’t be scared to ask older students either – they were new at some point too!

Each day you’ll have different subjects so it’s important to stay organised to make sure you’re equipped with everything you need for that day. You’ll be given a timetable for your week and we recommend you keep the extra copy at home, so you’ll always have one handy. It’s now your responsibility to make sure you bring the correct books needed for that day, and we encourage you to pack your bags and get your uniform ready the night before. Doing this will give you time to make sure you don’t forget the essentials like your PE or dance kit.

Make use of the diary you’ll receive to ensure you stay organised. Your diary will be extremely useful in helping you to remember to complete home assignments and stay aware of events that will be happening throughout your time at NK.

Extra-curricular activities

There are plenty of opportunities to make new friends by taking part in any of our extra-curricular activities. It may be a little daunting but why not put yourself out there and try a new hobby? There are lots of options on offer here at NK!

Head Boy and Girl

Our Head Boy and Girl will be there to welcome you on your first day and help to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You should see these two students as points of contact throughout the year and they will try their best to support you, with the help from other members of staff.

Form tutor

On your first day you’ll be assigned a tutor group and form tutor and you’ll stay in this group through to Year 11. Your tutor is there to support you and you may like to use them as your first point of contact for any questions or worries, whether they’re about school or not.

“My form tutor is very entertaining and brings a good start to the day by making us all smile.”

Year 11 Student

 College system

Our new college system may also help you settle in to NK. There are five colleges in total: Boole, Byrd, Ruston, Swift and Tennyson. There are tutor groups from each year group in every college, including members of staff. This system will encourage year groups to mingle and will provide you with even more opportunities to make new friends. It may even bring out your competitive side!

“I love it, it’s great to have all the years working together which is giving us a better understanding of all the year groups. I think college captains are fantastic for students to confide in before a teacher needs to be involved.”

Reece, Year 11

 “I love the leadership system and the mentors which give us a better support system.”

Megan, Year 10

Be yourself

You may be worrying about making new friends but remember that everyone around you will be in the same position, with the same concerns, so it’s important to be yourself and as open as you can.

Talking to your friends about their school choices will help you find out who will also be starting NK in September too. You may even find that many of your classmates will be joining you!

General Contacts

If you have any questions prior to your arrival, feel free to contact the members of staff below. Our Transition Team can’t wait to welcome you to North Kesteven Academy

Ms F McGrath – Associate SLT

Mrs E Wright – Primary Liaison Co-ordinator

Don’t forget to ask your parents to follow us on social media for posts and updates throughout the summer holidays too! We can’t wait to welcome you to NK. Have a great summer holiday and we’ll see you in September!