NK Academy Students Off to Build Schools in Tanzania

While most students are getting ready to enjoy the long summer break, a group of 17 from Year 10 have flown out to Tanzania for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

They have decided to spend part of their summer holidays putting their building and teamwork skills to the test by building three schools in Moshi, a city near Mount Kilimanjaro.

During the three-week trip, the students will be expected to get involved with everything from hand mixing the cement and getting water from a well for the building’s foundations, to painting wall structures and building classroom furniture.

Conditions will be tough in 25 to 30-degree heat, and they’ll have to get used to boiling their own water for bucket showers, using long-drop toilets and dealing with African wildlife – but they were all very excited to travel and get stuck in.

The group will have occasional rest days, when they’ll get the opportunity to cook with a Tanzanian family, go scuba diving and go on a walking safari.

We’re so proud of the students for taking on this challenge and we’re certain that they will get a lot out of the trip; it will be really rewarding for them to see the results of their hard work and experiencing a culture that is so different to our own will be a real eye opener for them.

Our students and their parents have been fundraising for over two years to make this trip happen and have managed to raise tens of thousands of pounds through bake sales, race nights and quiz nights.

Kate Warburton, a teacher here at NK Academy, travelled to Tanzania late last year to do a recce and is leading the trip this summer.

The students departed for Tanzania today (3rd July) and will return to the UK on Tuesday 24th July. We know that they will be a real credit to themselves and the academy and we’d like to wish them the very best of luck!

We’ll be sure to share any photos and videos we receive during and after their trip on our social media channels, so keep an eye on them for updates.