Summary of course content:

This is a very practical and hands-on course and as such you need to be organised, self-motivated, meet deadlines, and be good at independent working. You will learn to;

  • understand the principles of sound and audio technology and how they are used in creative and professional practice
  • developing recording skills to demonstrate an understanding of sound and its capture
  • develop the skills to create and manipulate sound in imaginative and creative way
  • understand the latest developments in music technology and the impact they have on technology-based composition, performance and the tonal qualities of recordings
  • develop an understanding of the historical and cultural contexts of the use of technology in the creation, performance and production of music


Progression and Career routes:

Students doing Music tend to progress onto Higher Education or follow a more personalised career path in Music. It may set you up for a career in the music industry (e.g. performing, teaching, radio, TV, journalism, tourism, leisure and entertainment, music therapy, retail, music production, publishing and arts administration. It’s an excellent subject to develop life skills vital to any career such as team work, communication, time management, organisation and self-confidence.


How to access this course:

Grade 5 at GCSE or merit at level 2 BTEC or equivalent music experience.


Course Information

    • A Level
    • Mr J Smith
    • 60%
    • 40%