Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health is a hot button topic now. The reported instances of mental health problems and crises are higher than they have ever been. In many cases this is a trend towards acceptance, as people feel more comfortable to come forward to discuss the issues they are facing. But we mustn’t simply be tolerant of mental health concerns, we must be actively engaged in finding solutions.

As an academy we have dedicated staff who support students in times of crisis. These can range from mental health issues arising from personal circumstances such as bereavement but also day-to-day issues such as bullying, exam stress and disability. You can find more information around all our policies and the help available here. Please contact us if you require support with navigating the website or additional support and information.

Asthe exam season comes into play, we must be more vigilant to ensure that mental health is not sacrificed. We encourage all our students to take good care of themselves, by doing what they can do themselves but through encouragement and active intervention to help students manage situations that they feel they cannot manage on their own.

Students are encouraged to take a balanced approach to their educational lives. This includes healthy eating, exercise and communicating with friends, family and their teachers throughout the exam period. All these efforts will help students to manage the exam period.

It is worth noting that some situations are more complicated; these students need greater support in their studies, and we maintain a neutral, helpful and careful approach to these students.

At North Kesteven Academy we encourage high ambition in a supportive and stimulating environment. By celebrating individuals’ achievements, we enable everyone to be happy, responsible, respectful, creative and confident.

The academy believes in “excellence for all” and offers all young people, no matter what their background, their age or ability, the same chance at life – to be the very best version of themselves. And we couldn’t agree more.

We hope you have found this blog useful and encourage you to approach a member of teaching staff if any of these issues affect you. You can read our previous article about how to deal with stress, looking out for number one.

There are also some great top tips for staying calm and coping with the exam season in our blog ‘Looking Out for Number One’. You can also find some useful information on the BBC website too.