May Newsletter

Exam season is here

Exam season has arrived, something our Year 11 and Year 13 students have been preparing for not only all year but all of their school lives. They are ready to enter the exam halls and show the world what they can do! They continue to work hard and take on board the advice that their teachers offer. The response to our Easter revision and intervention plan was fantastic. It was immensely popular and the students were very grateful for the space, the quiet, the focus and the resources and advice on offer.

They were encouraged to take time out of studying too and were supported to create a healthy balance between work and relaxation. Thank you to all parents, students and staff who responded to the questionnaires that we sent out before Easter. This gave us some really useful insights into what each group thought of the college system and some ideas on enhancing our rewards systems. We have decided to move to a year group based system for our academy. In this way we will have clear communication systems
for students, parents and staff and clear systems in place to be able to deal with issues, remove barriers to learning for students, and ensure that all students are able to achieve their best personally and academically.

We don’t want to lose the best aspects of the college system though, so we will convert these to a house system through which we will have competitions, continue our charity work and create support networks for students. During terms 5 and 6 we will be planning and communicating developments with you. Term 6 will be exhilarating: we will be hosting Year 5 students from six primary schools for a multi-agency day, and we will
then welcome our new Year 7 students to help them settle quickly in September. Meanwhile Year 9 will be experiencing a day with their choices for September and Year 10 will be going out on work experience. We wish all our Year 11 and Year 13 students taking exams the very best of luck!

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