Lincolnshire Schools Golf Sixes Competition

This year the school has been able to run an after school golf club at The Lincoln Golf Centre at Thorpe on the Hill as a result of funding from the Golf Foundation. Part of the funding included some free golf equipment for the school, enabling us to deliver some golf in our lessons, and the training for delivering such golf sessions.

So along with this support from the Golf Foundation and the core PE lessons for all of our Year 10 students which take place at the Lincoln Golf Centre, we were able to attend this competition for the very first time.

We did not win, however our team did win the ‘Skills for Life’ Award which is presented to the school which demonstrates all of the extra life skills which are a big part of golf. These include good manners, etiquette and support for your team.

Well done, Elodie Sarafindik, Leona Hughes, Scott Robinson, Gregory Bailey, Jordan-Lee Saul and Christopher Taylor. And a very big thank you to Paul Logan, PGA professional at the Lincoln Golf Centre, who came along to help and support us on the day.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire did a broadcast about this event. If you missed it and want to catch up, please visit the link below and fast forward to 2 hours and 14 minutes: