Junior Maths Challenge


On Thurs 26th April, students from years 7 and 8 took part in the Junior Maths Challenge – a national event aimed at engaging young people into mathematical problem solving.  This long standing competition has been a part of schools for many years and is an excellent way of encouraging young people to take part in extra-curricular maths.

The students had to take an hour long exam in test conditions to compete in the competition (completed on the same day by schools around the country), and those who come into the top 40% earn an award – bronze, silver or gold.

Organisers of the challenge invite the highest achievers to take part in further maths competitions including the Junior Mathematical Olympiad and the Junior Kangaroo.

Well done to all our students who participated – those who undertook the challenge have shown determination with the subject, and a willingness to go beyond what is asked of them – we couldn’t be more proud.