Summary of course content:

The course consists of three elements;

Physical Geography – Water and Carbon Cycles, Coastal Systems and Landscapes, Ecosystems Under Stress.

Human Geography – Global Systems and Governance, Changing Places, Contemporary Urban Environments.

Geography Fieldwork Investigation – students complete an individual investigation which must include data collected by the student.


Progression and Career routes:

A Level Geography students have found that:

  • Employers and places of further education value Geography as a good academic subject. They are seeking out employees or students with the skills Geography helps develop.
  • Geography leads to many career opportunities. A few examples are chartered surveyor, town planner, diplomat, teaching, utilities manager, accountant, social worker and tourism based careers.


How to access this course:

GCSE Geography at a grade 5 or above. GCSE Maths and English at a grade 5 or above to cope with the literacy and numeracy demands of the A level course.


Course Information

    • A LevelMiss R Bellamy
    • 80%
    • 20%