Summary of course content:

The focus for this subject is to enable the exploration of different reading processes to enrich one’s understanding of literary texts. Texts range through all genres and all ages, from the contemporary to the archaic.

A choice will be made between aspects of comedy and aspects of tragedy through the study of three texts, one of which will be a Shakespeare play for the first examined unit.

The second examined unit will cover three further texts focussing on either crime or political writing.

The non-examined assessment requires close analysis of poetry and prose and application of critical theory.

The independent study unit empowers you to analyse texts while also exploring, investigating and probing critical thinking thus extending your understanding of different interpretations and viewpoints.


Progression and Career routes:

Further literary study and careers in the written arts are the obvious outcomes and this course is highly respected academically by top universities. A student of literature is a reader for life and the analysis and experience of a range of literary texts will be transferable to almost every profession.


How to access this course:

Grade 6 or above in both your English Language and English Literature GCSEs.


Course Information

    • A Level
    • Miss F McGrath, Mrs J Stones
    • 80%
    • 20%