Summary of course content:

A Level: A Level Business Studies is a course which will enable you to focus on the dynamic nature of the contemporary business world, providing opportunities for exploring real business situations and researching topical business issues. You will investigate business issues and concepts from initial business start-up, right through to large multinationals.

The course draws together the business functions and the external environment to study the objectives and strategies that businesses adopt, for example recent merger activities and globalisation. A variety of approaches are used.

Units include Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources and Management.

The assessment is based on three exams of equal weighting that cover all the topic areas over the two years and test a variety of skills from multiple choice to extended writing and data analysis.

CTECH: You will study the business environment which includes ownership, finance and functional areas. After this examination, you have the business knowledge to then complete portfolios in marketing, business communication, human resources and a work experience based research project.

Year 1:

The Business Environment (examination) Customers and Communication (portfolio)

Year 2:

Working in Business (examination) Marketing and market research (portfolio)

Progression and Career routes:

A Level: Students who study Business go on to higher education or high level apprenticeships. There are many degree and sandwich courses in business, or combinations with other subjects such as languages. There are career opportunities both inside and outside the UK in both the private and public sectors.

CTECH: A Ctech in Business leads to a wide range of degree courses in business and related subjects. Universities praise the study skills students with a vocational A level leave with. Higher level apprenticeships and employment are also other routes for which this Ctech would help support.

How to access this course:

A Level: If you have studied business/finance at Key Stage 4 a grade 5 /merit is required. Grade 5 in both English and Maths are also required.

CTECH: If you have studied business at Key Stage 4 a 5 is required. Grade 5 in English is also required.

Course Information

      • A Level, CTECH
      • Mr L Athersych
      • A Level: 100% CTEC: 40%
      • A Level: 0% CTEC: 60%