Year 7 Students win Lincoln Music and Drama Festival 2018

Students from Year seven took part in the Lincoln Music and Drama Festival on 14th March 2018, and we are proud to say that they won!

All Year Seven students at the academy are taught to play a musical instrument – from the keyboard to the guitar, and even the pBone – a plastic trombone. Throughout their music lessons over the past few weeks, all of Year 7 have been working on Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, and the best 40 students from the year group were selected to compete and perform at the festival.  Those who took part were not always musicians – since starting at the academy some have undertaken extra music lessons, and some have found a real interest for an instrument they had never even thought of playing before.  In our eyes, that makes this achievement even more of an accomplishment this early in their time here, they should be extremely proud.

The judges commented on how well organised and polite students were, and also on what a truly collaborative piece it was.

Huge congratulations to all those students who took part – we are very proud!