So we are the Student Voice

So we are the Student Voice. Formerly known as the Student Leadership Team in previous years, which needed a revamp.

This is where the student Voice comes in. Teachers volunteered students and other students were welcome to come along and meet with us to form the new and fresh team to be ambassadors for the school.

So far we have had two meetings and we have decided that there will be a charity day and some new opinion boxes around the school. The opinion boxes will be designed by the Student Voice and placed around the school so that anyone can have their opinions on the improvements of the school. The charity day will have a variety of different stalls like Eskimoo and Photobooths, all money chosen to go to a chosen charity.

This is just a small introduction to our new group and we are hoping to continue writing on this blog to update you on all of the latest school decisions and activities so that you can be updated about North Kesteven School.

Now we all hope to write again soon, and we hope that you had a wonderful half term.

From all of us at the Student Voice.
(Written by Emilia Tweedle Year 10)