Summary of course content:

You will study four broad themes;

The development of German Society (environment, education and the world of work)

Political and Artistic Culture in German-Speaking Countries (music, media, celebrations and festivals)

Immigration and German multicultural Society (challenges, benefits and state and social reactions to immigration) and

German Unity (life in the GDR, events leading up to unification and Germany since unification)

The A Level Exam requires the study of two literary texts or a literary text and a film. The final exam consists of three papers:

  • Paper 1 – Listening, reading and translation into English (40% of final mark)
  • Paper 2 – Written response to books / film and translation into German (30% of final mark)
  • Paper 3 – Discussion on a theme that students have studied (30% of final mark)]

Progression and Career routes:

German at A Level offers a suitable progression route to further study at university level, and may also add to your employability profile, particularly for UK organisations trading overseas as well as with international companies based in the UK and globally. You can progress to a wide range of careers in areas such as journalism and media, education, science, medicine, the civil service, sales, marketing, retail and charities. You will develop transferable skills that support study of other GCE subjects, higher education study, and the transition to employment, together with an understanding and appreciation of German-speaking countries and their cultures. Nationally very few people study a foreign language to A level, and it is increasingly becoming a rare but sought-after skill in many areas of employment, complimenting perfectly A levels in a wide range of subjects.

How to access this course:

You will require at least a level 6 at GCSE and should have a genuine interest in the history, politics and society of Germany and German-speaking countries. You will need to be prepared to do independent study of German reference materials and be motivated to learn vocabulary and deepen your understanding of German grammar. If you are a mature and highly motivated learner with a strong desire to achieve a confident working knowledge of German you will be ideally suited to this course.