Summary of course content:

A Level English Language and Literature draws together the study of linguistics with a wide range of literary and non-literary texts.

You will study both language and literature elements through a really interesting range of material including novels, a play, poetry and non-fiction. The course aims to build on your analytical skills by developing terminology and introducing new ideas and concepts.

The assessment is based on three exams which cover all the texts studied over the two years and assess your analytical skills, ability to apply terminology, writing skills and understanding of concepts. You will also complete a piece of independent written work on a text of your choice, worth 20% of the final grade.

Progression and Career routes:

The course is beneficial for a wide range of higher education courses and careers beyond English because of the transferable skills it offers. It is particularly useful for those wanting to study further English, History, Journalism, Media, Social Sciences and communication based courses at university.

How to access this course:

Grade 6 or above in both your English Language and English Literature GCSEs.