Summary of course content

Core Maths will help you understand and apply clear, mathematical reasoning to real-life problems, analyse and interpret data in various contexts and confidently deal with everyday financial maths. Most courses include a financial maths element helping you to understand the impact of interest rates on loans and investments.

These practical mathematical skills will also help you with your other A-Level subjects, in particular with sciences, geography, business studies, psychology, and economics. Core Maths is a course designed for post-16 students who want to continue studying mathematics but not at AS or A-Level. The Core Maths qualifications will help you retain, deepen and extend your mathematics to be better prepared for higher education and employment.

Universities have already come out in strong support of Core Maths qualifications; even subjects like history now recognise the importance of statistics and problem solving skills learned studying Core Maths.

Progression and Career routes:

Employers from all different sectors are also firmly behind Core Maths qualifications. Many roles in today’s workplace require high levels of budget management and problem-solving skills; Core Maths will equip you with these skills.

How to access this course:

You will need a GCSE grade 4 or above, and want to continue to study mathematics, but not at AS/A Level.

Mathematics should be a subject you enjoyed at GCSE and you may have an interest in subjects such as the sciences, geography, business studies, psychology, or economics.