Update for Parents June 2017 – non permitted items

We have been asked by a number of students and parents to outline the rules regarding certain specific items being brought into school. Therefore we would like to clarify that the following items,
as of Monday 26th June, are not permitted for students whilst on school site. We will be making it clear to students that, should these be seen, they will be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the week and, if there is a repeat confiscation, may only be returned to parents at the end of a term.

  • Fidget Spinners – these are not permitted. Please note that we do wish to support students who find the use of anxiety/stress-relieving equipment soothing and this is why our SEN department will approve the use of alternative equipment in order to meet individual needs. These students will have a formal permission note in their planner from the SEN team.
  • Fizzy/sparkling drinks or energy drinks – the only fizzy drinks that are permitted are either plain sparkling water or those that have been purchased at the school canteen. No other fizzy/sparkling drinks or energy drinks are permitted.
  • Aerosols – aerosol sprays (e.g. perfume sprays, deodorant sprays etc) are not permitted and present a health risk to others. Any deodorant or similar item needs to be in a non-aerosol/nonspray form.

Uniform Guidelines June 2016

School Uniform

School uniform at North Kesteven is for those students in Years 7-11 and is an expectation that will be enforced by all staff. Sixth Formers are expected to abide by North Hykeham Joint Sixth Form Dress Code. Parents/Carers are responsible for their child’s standard of dress and the School expects them to ensure that this is maintained to the highest standards at all times by their acceptance of a place for their child at North Kesteven School and as outlined in the Home / School Agreement in the Student Diary.
Students in Years 7-11 are required to wear the appropriate uniform at all times when attending school, representing the school including their journey to and from school or when participating in
school-organised events outside normal school hours:


  • Black school regulation style formal trousers for boys & girls or girls black loose fitting skirt. If a belt is required, this must also be black. (Please note: skirts must be loose fitting – not stretch or jersey material and must be worn no higher than just above the knee. If a student does not follow these rules then the school reserves the right to require that student to wear trousers.)
  • Black formal lace-up or formal slip-on or formal Velcro leather-style shoes.
  • Socks (plain black or white only) or tights (black or natural).
  • A plain white formal shirt with short or long sleeves. The shirt must be fully buttoned and tucked in at all times.
  • North Kesteven School tie – worn so that there is no gap between the bottom of the tie and trouser/skirt waistband.
  • North Kesteven School blazer.


  • North Kesteven School purple/green jumper.
  • A black or navy blue outdoor coat, with no writing, logos or additional adornment, which will keep students warm and dry without the need for items such as “hoodies” underneath.

The following items are not allowed to be worn on the school site:

  • Any visible items of clothing except those listed above
  • Patterned or casual-style/informal white shirts
  • Shorts, leggings, tight fitting trousers, denim, tracksuit bottoms, jeans-style, combat-style or cargo-style trousers
  • Trainers, canvas shoes, trainer-style Velcro fastening shoes
  • Leather jackets, hoodies, zipped tops, tracksuit tops, non-school uniform sweatshirts

In addition:

  • Jewellery – a watch and one plain stud in each ear for pierced ears are the only items allowed. No other piercing, including top of ear, nose, eyebrow or tongue is permitted. Ear ‘stretchers’, ‘spacers’ or ‘tunnels’ are also not permitted. Please note that we would require any unauthorised piercings to be removed and that it is not permissible to cover these up.
  • Excessive make-up is not allowed in Years 7-11; nor is coloured nail varnish.
  • Hair longer than collar length must be tied back in lessons where it will create a health & safety risk.

All items of uniform and property should be clearly marked with name and tutor group.

Extremes of fashion or hairstyle are not permitted (e.g. unnatural hair colours) and staff may have to give individual students guidance on occasions. Failure to resolve some extremes immediately may result in immediate parental involvement or students working in other designated spaces in order to allow time for such issues to be resolved.

The school reserves the right to send students home to change, with parental permission, if they are not in the correct clothes and to confiscate items of inappropriate clothing. If parental permission is not granted then students will be internally isolated until the matter can be resolved.

The school’s decision is final regarding whether or not a student’s uniform is deemed acceptable.

In addition to this, students who fail to adhere to the school uniform in a way that is not extreme, will be placed in a C3 / Lunchtime Detention the following day.

Other additional equipment required:

  • Bags: must be of the kind that will keep books dry, keep pamphlets and exercise books flat and in good condition. Rucksack style bags are recommended.
  • A fully equipped pencil case including pens, pencils and a scientific calculator.

PE & Dance:

In addition to School Uniform, Students are expected to maintain the same high standards in terms of dress within certain curriculum areas e.g. Physical Education & Dance. Earrings MUST be removed and hair tied back. As with School Uniform, all items should be clearly marked with name and form.

Kit requirements for these subjects are:

Physical Education: Girls PE Kit

  • Black half-zip PE Sweatshirt (NK PE logo)
  • Black Polo Shirt (NK PE logo)
  • Black Shorts
  • White trainer socks
  • Sports trainers with adequate grip (no fashion trainers)
  • Plain dark coloured swim costume and hat (if hair is longer than eyebrow level)
  • Towel


  • Black Tracksuit Bottoms, Swim Goggles, Shin Pads, Plain Black Sports Leggings, Black Base Layers (top/bottom)

Dance Kit:

  • Black Tracksuit Bottoms & White T-shirt

Physical Education: Boys PE Kit

  • Green/Black reversible Games Jersey (NK PE logo)
  • White NK School Polo (NK PE logo)
  • Black Shorts
  • White trainer socks
  • Green/Gold Games Socks
  • Trainers (no fashion trainers)
  • Studded Boots (compulsory for football and rugby)
  • Swim Trunks/Shorts (above knee length) and Hat (if hair is longer than eyebrow level)
  • Towel


  • Black Tracksuit Bottoms, Swim Goggles, Shin Pads, Gum shield, Black Base Layers (top/bottom)


  • Black Tracksuit Bottoms & White T-shirt

NK PE branded sports kit is available from our kit stockists Uniform Direct and optional for students (leggings, half-zip sweatshirt (girls only), upper & lower body base layers, rain jacket)

School Uniform Guidance June 2016