North Kesteven Academy’s SEND Information Report

September 2017


North Kesteven Academy is a fully inclusive mainstream academy serving the area of North Hykeham in Lincoln. At North Kesteven Academy, all students are valued equally, regardless of where their abilities lie, the academy is committed to developing ‘Excellence for all’. All students are entitled to have a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, which is differentiated to meet individual needs.  Within it’s aims, North Kesteven Academy is committed to equal opportunities, with students being encouraged to achieve their full potential, whatever their academic or physical ability, through provision of a balanced and challenging curriculum in both content and styles of learning.


Students of all ages and all abilities will

    • Be treated as individuals where their individual needs, interests and aptitudes are recognized.
    • Be entitled to have an emerging or evident special educational need identified and assessed.
    • Be provided with opportunities for continued growth and development so that they increase their self-esteem and become more confident.
    • Receive a balanced curriculum in both content and style of delivery which allow them to make informed choices as they progress beyond the Academy.
    • Be encouraged to achieve their full potential, whatever their abilities.
    • Be encouraged to learn thorough a range of enjoyable and stimulating experiences in at atmosphere where students feel valued, encouraged and safe.
    • Learn to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and actions so that they will be equipped for future life after school.
    • Be encouraged to see education as a life-long process to the benefit of all aspects of their life.
  • The SEND information report outlines information regarding the ways in we which we provide support for all students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND), in order to realize their full potential, make outstanding academic progress and grow to be equipped for their future lives. Provision may change and develop over time.




What types of SEN do we provide for?Children are identified as having SEND when they have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children the same age or have a disability which prevents or hinders then from making use of the education facilities of a kind generally provided for children of the same age in schools within the areas of the Local Authority (SEND Regulations 2014)

North Kesteven Academy aims to identify and provide for a wide-range of special educational needs under the 4 headings Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties and Sensory and Physical needs, as stated in the SEND code of practice 0-25 years.

How do we identify and assess pupils with SEN?When your child first joins North Kesteven Academy, we use information from a range of sources to help identify SEND and other needs. These include information primary school; parents/carers; end of Key Stage 2 levels; base line testing; Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT tests); reading and spelling tests; subject teachers; college team; specialist colleagues and external agencies.


Our subject class teachers, Heads of Department, and College Achievement Leaders and Heads of College and SENDCo closely monitor the progress and attainment of all students, including those who have SEND. The continuous monitoring of students during their time at North Kesteven Academy will further identify students with a special educational need. This identification may come from tutors, subject teachers, college mentors/managers, outside agencies, parents/carers or the student themselves. If your child needs to be assessed we would use a range of assessments with outside agencies and referral can be made to them.


We follow a staged and graduated approach to identifying and assessing needs, using the ‘Assess, Plan Do, Review’ model. The triggers for intervention could be the teacher’s, college mentors/managers, SENDCo or Assistant SENDCo or others concern, underpinned by evidence, about a student who, despite receiving differentiated learning opportunities , does not make expected progress.


All students with SEND are on the either  the SEND register or SEND monitoring list which is accessible to all staff at the academy. Staff use this information to inform their lesson planning, teaching and students learning activities. Targeted interventions are planned and delivered where appropriate. This may include small group and individual work across a broad range of activities.


Who is our special educational needs co-ordinator (SENDCO) and how can he/she be contacted?Our SENDCo is Mrs P Calder and the Assistant SENDCo is Mrs Hay. Both can be contacted on the academy telephone number 01522 881010 or via email
What is our approach to teaching pupils with SEN?Our teachers have high expectations for all students, including those with SEND.   All teachers will be told about your child’s individual needs.  This will be in the form of a pupil passport and personalized teaching strategy sheet.  Teachers will adapt their lessons to meet their learning needs.  Teachers have experience and/or training in doing this.  This may involve using different strategies, more practical/adaptation of resources and activities.  This means your child can access the lesson fully.


Within the academy there are a variety of staff roles to help us fully support your child. Where it is felt it is the right thing to do, a student may be offered additional help and support with an achievement plan, in which case you will be informed.  There are a range of interventions and additional subject support which are available should your child need this, it will be discussed with you.


When your child is approaching the start of Key Stage 4, if we think it is needed and there is evidence to support the need, we will assess and apply for exam Access Arrangements according to the Joint Council for Qualifications exam regulations.

How do we adapt the curriculum and learning environment?Our academy is a safe and accessible building and we do our best to make it welcoming to the whole community. All safeguarding procedures and risk assessments are in place and are adhered to by all staff.


We have a wide range of different facilities to help students with SEND throughout the academy campus including a lift to access our main block, an adapted science laboratory, disabled toilets; power assisted automatic doors; ramps.


Most of our students follow a traditional curriculum, however a small number of learners have a more personalized curriculum to match their individual needs, interest and abilities. This may include option choices; additional literacy and numeracy, and alternative provision.


How do we enable pupils with SEN to engage in activities with other pupils who do not have SEN?We have a range of lunch time and after school clubs at North Kesteven Academy.   They are open to all students, including those with SEND.  Details of the clubs can be provided by the academy as these do change with the terms and college competitions regularly.


Additional we do run a number of activities to support students with SEND including Homework Club, Lunch time Social Club.  We also do run revision sessions and work catch up sessions when required.  SEND clubs are by invitation only and you will be contacted if an invite has been given.


All students in the academy are strongly encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities to support their college. This can be before school, break or lunch time or after school.  Day and residential trips are open to all students and yours child’s specific need can be discussed if they wish to join such a trip.

How do we consult parents of pupils with SEN and involve them in their child’s education?The academy will need you to support your child by encouraging them to fully engage with their learning and any interventions offered by

  • Helping them be organized for their day (including bringing the right equipment and books)
  • Full attendance and good punctuality
  • Completion of homework
  • Checking and signing the diary
  • Attending parents meetings
  • Attending meeting specifically arranged for your child
  • Inform the school of issues which may impact on your child’s learning


We will support you by having regular communication and access to the mentor for their college and the form tutor. The college mentor/ form tutor will be your first point of contact.  A copy of the achievement plan /student profile which will be a result of the three meetings you will have a year with either the SENDCo or Assistant SENDCo.  The achievement plan/student profile will be agreed by yourself, the student and the SENDCo or Assistant SENDCo.  You will therefore have information about to support your child with their learning at home.

How do we consult pupils with SEN and involve them in their education?Students are encouraged to take part in Student Voice activities; regularly evaluate their work in lessons, attend review meetings; contribute to target setting and reviewing and reflect on their learning and achievements by helping write their own achievement plans and student profiles.
How do we assess and review pupils’ progress towards their outcomes?All students, including those with SEND, are assessed on a regular basis, in accordance with Academy’s Assessment Policy. Teachers assess and review progress 6 times a year which is communicated to parents/carers by a report which is sent home.


The reports will show your child’s current grade (GCSE) or if the student is on track as well as their Attitude to Learning (ATL). The College teams, Heads of Department and SENDCo will monitor and review your child’s progress and pick up on any subjects where your child is not making the right amount of progress. We will then put in an intervention in place.  At the next reporting time we will check whether the right amount of progress has been made.  We give reports to the governors who check and review the work of all departments including SEND.


Additionally, parents evenings are held once a year per year group when there is an opportunity to discuss progress, attainment and next steps.   All students with an EHCP will have a Person Centered Annual Review.  Students with SEND who are on the register will have 3 achievement plan review meetings a year.

How do we support pupils moving between different phases of education?We liaise closely with primary schools and provide additional transition support before your child starts. This support continues after they have arrived with us in Year 7.  We host a transition club after school for students who require additional support and this allows the students to meet with staff and become familiar with their surroundings.  This is addition to the transition events we have in place for Year 6 students.
How do we support pupils preparing for adulthood?All students receive advice on careers and are encouraged to visit a wide range of post 16 courses both within the academy and other post 16 providers. If additional support is need this will be put in place.  All students who have an ECHP will have an early annual review (if required) before Christmas to ensure that transition arrangements can be out in place.
How do we support pupils with SEN to improve their emotional and social development?At North Kesteven Academy we take our pastoral responsibilities seriously.   We pride ourselves on providing a high level of student support and guidance.  One way we support our students is by assigning them a college and a form tutor who will (in most cases) remains with them as they progress up the school. This allows students to build a strong relationship with their form tutor.  Each student is a member of a college who have a college mentor and manager who also provide pastoral support.


The college mentors and managers are available to all students in their college including those with SEND. These college staff also run the SEND extracurricular activities.  The tutor and the college mentors and managers are the first port of call for any issues such as peer conflict or bullying.  They act quickly and follow the academies bullying policy if this required.


Students with SEND who find that they are having a number of pastoral issues are often invited to join the SDC (Student Development Centre) at lunch times to be able to discuss any issues with the staff and SENDCo. This allows the students to have their voice heard and issues to be reported and dealt with in a discreet manner if this required.


There are additional members of staff who are able to help with pastoral support these include, teaching assistant and college manager and mentors; and 2 child protection officers. We have an excellent relationship with a number of external agencies, for example CAMHS, Healthy Minds, AdAction, Greif and Loss and EMAS.

What expertise and training do our staff have to support pupils with SEN? We have a SEND team made up of the SENDCo and Assistant SENDCo and a number of teaching assistants and college mangers and mentors. Within in this team we have a range of experience and graining covering working towards the NASENCo; CPT3A(Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing and Access Arrangements),supporting students with ASD and ADHD ;supporting students with Attachment Issues; supporting students with SEMH and behavior support as well as staff being trained to help students with literacy difficult and carry out targeted interventions.


In addition to this we have on site 2 days a week specialist behavior support workers who provide bespoke training for staff as the need arises.


Training is provided to all staff, including teachers, and support staff as the need arises and there is an ongoing training for all staff as well as opportunities to further develop skills. Staff new to the school follow an induction programme which includes training and information on SEND.


As an academy we can call on support from specialist organization within the Local Authority as well as Health and Social Services.



How will we secure specialist expertise?As an academy we can access a range of services including,

  • Working Together Team;
  • Health services – occupational therapy, physiotherapy, school nursing specialist nursing, CAMHS, Healthy Minds;
  • Speech and Language Specialists;
  • Behaviour specialists such BOSS;
  • SESS;
  • Hearing Impaired Team;
  • Social Care – including social workers, targeted youth and all other family support services within social care;
  • We also work closely with the following special schools who offer support and advice where appropriate
  • St Christopher’s School
  • St Francis School
How will we secure equipment and facilities to support pupils with SEN?These services are contacted when necessary and appropriate, according to your child’s needs. If you believe that your child needs a specialist equipment or facilities please contact the SENDCo or Assistant SENDCo to discuss the issue at the next review meeting.
How do we involve other organisations in meeting the needs of pupils with SEN and supporting their families? There are a number of organisations and agencies that we can access support for students and their family. A good source of information is the Local Authority local offer web site:


Another good source is the parents section of the Local Authority website:



LIASE SEND Independent Advice and Support in Lincolnshire: team/121723.article


Parent Carer Forum:


If a number of agencies are needed to support your family, you may be asked to complete an Early Help Assessment form, possibly leading to setting up a Team around the Child (TAC)

How do we evaluate the effectiveness of our SEN provision?The academy has a Quality Assurance process that assesses the effectiveness of Teaching and Learning for all students, including those with SEND and the outcomes and evaluations are used to create and implement development plans for aspects of school life. These are regularly reviewed through evaluation.  Additionally progress and attainment data for all students is analyzed for effectiveness and value for money.
How do we handle complaints from parents of children with SEN about provision made at the school?In the first instance contact the subject teacher or your child’s tutor who may refer your concerns to a more senior member of staff if needed.   Alternatively please contact the Head of College for your child.  The academy’s compliant procedure is on the school website.
Who can young people and parents contact if they have concerns?In the first instance contact the subject teacher or their child tutor who may refer your concerns to a more senior member of staff if needed. Alternatively contact the college manager and mentor.
What support services are available to parents?There are a number of organisations and agencies that can support you and your family. A good source of information is the Local Authority local offer web site:


Another good source is the parents section of the Local Authority website:


LIASE SEND Independent Advice and Support in Lincolnshire: team/121723.article


Parent Carer Forum:


If a number of agencies are needed to support your family, you may be asked to complete an Early Help Assessment form, possibly leading to setting up a Team around the Child (TAC)

Where can the LA’s local offer be found? How have we contributed to it?Lincolnshire County Council Local Offer Information

If you want help finding services or help using the Local Offer call the Family Information Service on 0800 195 1635.