11th September 2017

Dear Parent/Carer,

You will have noticed that we are marking the start of a new school year with a fresh new look. North Kesteven School has been rebranded as North Kesteven Academy, and we have a new school logo and signage.

We have also adopted a new school motto or strapline, ‘Think excellence’, which we feel accurately encapsulates our academy’s philosophy.

Furthermore, this academic year we have introduced a brand new college system for all students which will enhance our strong academic results and excellent pastoral care.

We are exceptionally proud of our academy and of our vibrant community of students, parents, staff and governors who work together to provide an engaging learning environment where our young people can flourish.

By giving our academy a new name and a new visual identity we are looking to the future with vigour and confidence.

Our new identity better reflects the high aspirations and superb ethos of the school and I am certain it will inspire our young people as they journey through their personal growth and academic career with us.

Our new brand is made up of three core elements:

Solid: NK is a place of excellence in education and offers serious opportunities for all pupils. The strapline ‘Think Excellence’ shows that standards are high and students are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

Warm: The image style is based on old lomography photographs traditionally used by spies! Using warm tones and similar in style to more recent instagram filters, images are candid shots of real student life, students truly engaged in their learning with teaching staff and enjoying their warm and nurturing school environment.

Bright: The colour scheme reflects the vibrant and positive attitude of students, staff and parents. This also represents the lively atmosphere and rich variety of talent and opportunities to flourish.

The new logo will be incorporated into our school uniform in due course and you will be fully consulted on how this will happen, as you would expect.

We have updated our website and encourage you to visit www.nkacademy.co.uk.


Yours faithfully

Neil Wilkinson-McKie