From July 2015 all schools are subject to a duty to prevent people being drawn into terrorism. This duty is known as The Prevent duty. Please see below the ways in which North Kesteven Academy fulfils the Prevent duty.

Building pupil resilience against radicalisation

North Kesteven Academy builds pupils’ resilience to radicalisation by providing a safe environment for debating controversial issues and helping them to understand how they can influence and participate in decision-making. We are very experienced in promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and, within this, fundamental British values.

Personal, Social Development lessons (PSD) is an effective way of providing pupils with time to explore sensitive or controversial issues, and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to understand and manage difficult situations. We use PSD to teach pupils to recognise and manage risk, make safer choices, and recognise when pressure from others threatens a student’s personal safety and wellbeing. Students will be educated about effective methods of resisting pressure, including knowing when, where and how to get help. We encourage pupils to develop positive character traits such as resilience, determination, self-esteem, and confidence.

IT policies

North Kesteven Academy has suitable filters in place in order to ensure that children are safe from terrorist and extremist material when accessing the internet in school. Students are also educated how to stay safe online both in and outside of school. Internet safety is fundamental to our school’s IT curriculum and is embedded within the PSD curriculum.

Risk Assessment

Lincolnshire is identified as being a relatively low risk area for the potential for young people to be drawn into extremism. As with managing other safeguarding risks, staff at North Kesteven Academy are trained to use their professional judgement to identify children who may be at risk of radicalisation and clear procedures are in place to protect these children. These procedures can be found in the North Kesteven Academy safeguarding policy.

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