February 2017

What a week! I feel so proud. Last week has seen huge achievement and innovation. The students continue to show their drive and determination towards their future success.

On Monday 30th January Mr Ayre and I met with representatives from our partner University Medical Schools and the Medical Schools Council to discuss how we deliver excellence for young people at North Kesteven and further support students to aspire to and gain success in medicine and healthcare roles. We are also planning the only schools based Teacher/Advisor conference in England, something we are very proud of. As if that wasn’t good enough we are also in the planning stages to deliver a student/parent conference too. Watch this space!

On Wednesday 1st February we had a fantastic turn out for our Key Stage 4 Experience event. A huge thank you for all the students and parents that attended – we were packed and the feedback has been superb! Staff are very excited by the discussions they have had and we are very much looking forward to our year nine students beginning their formal qualifications, some of which they will start straight after the February half term.

On Thursday 2nd February the English department had planned an innovative after school event to boost student confidence and performance in English Literature. The number of students that attended was so large that we had to place them all in the Restaurant! Well done to all those students for their commitment to excellence in their learning! They are an inspiration! With this level of dynamism and drive the year 11 students are going to excel and, currently they look poised to set the highest achievement record for the school this summer! This is on the back of Outstanding English results last year too! Well done everyone.

Finally, on Friday 3rd February – year thirteen Psychology students spent the day analysing a staged crime scene. The dynamic learning experience placed the students’ acumen, knowledge and skills to the fore. The experience was clearly relished by all the students, learning like this demonstrates the expertise and variety of delivering here at NKS focused on engaging our learners to excel.

What a week!