Tennyson College

Far-sightedness & Authority

“Rise,fly and always try”

Tennyson College has made a thoroughly impressive start to the year. The creation of our vision statement was a real team effort, with input from the students and staff within the college. “Rise and fly” is part of the last line of a Tennyson poem and “always try”, whilst encompassing what we believe, are also the initials of Alfred Tennyson – inspired! The charity we will be raising money for is the Bradley Lowry Foundation, as voted by the students. We have also donated lots of books to Oxfam and are planning to support the Nomad Trust in the winter months. Our Year 7 tutor group did a splendidly enthusiastic performance at Retro Dance and came 2nd overall.

The resilience and independence that have been shown already by the students within the college is something I am already extremely proud of. We have some truly amazing leaders amongst us and I am looking forward to sharing and celebrating in their successes.

Mrs J Tunnicliffe