Swift College

Knowledge & Wisdom

Swift College is proud to be named after Dame Sarah Swift, the founder of the Royal College of Nursing, an inspirational and compassionate woman at the forefront of the caring professions.

Our key values are Knowledge and Wisdom – elements which are intrinsically linked with education; however, we also want to promote a Safe Place to Make Mistakes, building resilience and aspiration in all college members. With staff from Humanities, Social Sciences, Human Resources, Finance, Catering, Site and Careers, Information and Guidance, our college draws on a wide range of skills and expertise to support all college members and to encourage them to support each other at whatever stage they are at in their learning journey. Whether it is Year 7 students reading to Year 9s or Year 11s supporting Y10s with their GCSE courses, our aim is to promote compassion and kindness amongst all college members, valuing (and celebrating) the little things.

Ms F McGrath