Newton College

Resilience & Aspiration

Newton College have made a great start to the year, especially in our subject areas of ‘Sport and Science’ outside of School life. We have a year 11 student who has now competed nationally for Air Cadets and an up and coming year 10 student who has been training with the England Swimming for a place on the team.

The success outside School is clearly visible within lessons and academic achievement in recent assessments. Our core values are Resilience and Aspiration – key principles associated with our College inspiration Sir Isaac Newton. Students in Newton are encouraged to be resilient and independent learners with aspirations both short and long term. The year 7 students represented us in three different retro dance numbers last week and raised a lot of money for Children In Need 2017.

The college is well represented at the forthcoming school production of Peter Pan in December and we forward to begin raising money for our own local charity. Our motto is a famous quote from Isaac Newton himself ‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants’.

Ms M Penney