How we spend our Pupil Premium Grant

North Kesteven Academy is driven to support the highest academic, social and personal development and progress for all pupils who attend the school. We receive a sum of money from the Government in addition to our main school funding called the Pupil Premium Grant. This is a ring fenced grant which can be used to support the progress and personal development of less well-off or disadvantaged pupils who fall into the categories of Free School Meals (FSM), Children who are Looked After (CLA) or are in families where the parents are in the Armed Services.

All schools in receipt of this Grant are required to publish information about how much Pupil Premium Grant we receive and how we have or intend to spend it. This information can be found in the documents “Pupil Premium 2015-16” and “Pupil Premium 2016-17”, available on the website.

Supporting Pupil Premium pupils at North Kesteven Academy

We recognise pupils can be adversely affected by a combination of factors including poverty, gender, ethnicity, SEN and disability and at North Kesteven Academy we pride ourselves in knowing pupils well enough to target individual support and intervention strategies which have a positive impact on the progress of these pupils.

The Pupil Premium Grant and Equality Act 2010 are both influential in focusing our efforts to support all groups of pupils and we include Year 7 Catch up funding for pupils below level 4 on entry to the school in this additional support framework. The work done here is supported by the SEN, Mathematics and English departments as we strive to ensure literacy and numeracy levels are strong enough for all pupils to access a full curriculum offer. We recognise that the highest early achievers from deprived backgrounds are often overtaken by lower achieving children from advantaged backgrounds by the age of 7. Primary Pupil Premium funding has begun to redress this but this achievement gap needs to be rigorously addressed as they move through to secondary school. Nationally at present, the likelihood of a FSM pupil gaining 5A*-C grades including English and Mathematics is a third less than a non FSM pupil.

We recognise that eligibility for Pupil Premium Grant support lies with the following groups FSM (including FSM at any point in the last 6 years), CLA (for more than 6 months), pupils whose parents serve in the armed services and high achieving pupils within any of these categories.

A key objective for North Kesteven Academy is to narrow the gap between the progress and achievement of different pupil groups and in doing so we recognise the importance of the transition between Years 6 and 7. We have a good record in ensuring pupils make good progress and that we͞ add value throughout their time with us. Transition between Years 6 and 7 is a key point especially as a national dip in progress is recognised. We especially target this transition point with a Progress Manager and use Year 7 Catch up funding and specific actions in Maths and English.


  • We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of individual pupils.
  • We ensure that appropriate provision is made for pupils belonging to vulnerable groups. This specifically includes addressing the needs of the socially disadvantaged pupils to ensure they are prioritised.
  • In making provision for socially disadvantaged pupils, we recognise that not all pupils who are eligible for free school meals (or have been eligible within the past 6 years) are socially disadvantaged.


  • Our provision for Pupil Premium pupils will be agreed and implemented in line with the following generic strategies:
  • Improving the quality of teaching and learning across the whole school including the use of Assessment for Learning strategies.
  • Where appropriate guiding pupils towards personalised curriculum pathways (especially in KS4) which allow pupils to meet their full potential.
  • By creating an effective learning environment for all learners.
  • By using one to one and catch up strategies for literacy and numeracy.
  • By identifying appropriate and targeted extended services provision including breakfast facilities, homework support and alternative provision to support behaviour improvement.
  • By developing a variety of opportunities for parents to discuss and support their Pupil Premium children throughout their time at North Kesteven Academy.
  • By developing and encouraging a menu of supporting strategies which allow a personalised response to the needs of each Pupil Premium pupil. This menu currently includes:
    • Targeted teacher feedback
    • Support to develop specific learning skills
    • Peer tutoring
    • One to one support from teaching staff/tutors/TAs/HLTAs
    • Homework clubs/support
    • Additional ICT based support and skills development
    • Additional sports, art and performing arts opportunities
    • Additional after school and holiday time learning and revision sessions
    • Individualised learning programmes
    • Support to understand personal learning styles
    • Support for identified personal needs which will support academic, personal and social development especially with pupils from a Services background through the Student Development Centre.

Pupil Premium contact information

For further information about the Pupil Premium Grant at North Kesteven Academy please see the school website or contact:
Mrs J Tunnicliffe
Acting Headteacher
01522 881010 (FAO Mrs J Tunnicliffe)


As a result of the review of 2015-16 we will target the following areas in 2016 – 2017:

1. Further develop the aspirations of pupils at NK for academic excellence and Further Education.

  • Provide a strong focus on pathway and careers support across all key stages.
  • Use one to one and small group support to target subject specific identified weaknesses.
  • Provide revision conferences, workbooks and revision guides, additional ICT software and homework clubs to enhance personal support.
  • Provide A*/A and other mentors for one to one support.

2. Highlight and provide appropriate curriculum pathways at key points of transition.

  • Target FE and other post KS4 and KS5 providers to enhance transition awareness.
  • Modify the curriculum and provide alternative provision for some learners to incorporate attendance at Bishop Burton College where appropriate, including transport provision.

3. Ensure all PPG pupils are supported financially to access enhancement and curriculum opportunities.

  • Target learners with a variety of curriculum and well-being visits.
  • Support peripatetic music and performance activities.
  • Support the provision of specific resources and equipment to allow PPG pupils full engagement with and participation in additional opportunities, such as peripatetic music lessons.

4. To support all PPG pupils and families in challenging circumstances.

  • Employ a range of skilled support staff to target identified pupils and families incorporating the ͞Student Development Centre and Need Bright Solutions.
  • Develop links with local RAF stations to support pupils from ͞deployed͟ families.


Funding allocated for 2016-2017

Agreed Provision Years 7 – 11
Projected funding £172,000
Pupils funded 184; no. on roll 1026
CLA Funding allocation 4 pupils7,600
Alternative curriculum pathways42,700
Revision Conferences10,000
Careers support10,000
Staffing support for SDC and training45,000
Catering/breakfast club4,000
Visits, trips, travel (alternative curriculum/school trips)7,000
Resources, equipment, books (Core subjects)12,000
High Achiever Mentoring8,000
Administration and associated resources5,000
Aspirational Achievement – NK Summit5,000
General Resources11,000
Contingency (to be allocated Spring term 2017)4,700
Projected allocation 2016-17 (as of September 1st 2016)172,000